We're the Tooleys.  Sam and Brian.  Friends since 1997.  Married after 5 months of dating in 2008 and we haven't looked back.  We have a crazy, free spirited, princess of everything, dirt playing 5 year old girl named Larkin who is our world.  She lights up our life and is the reason we put our hearts and souls into your session.  We're a fun loving, goofy family who truly believes that pictures are of the utmost importance.  If you're looking for someone who is willing to go the extra mile for you, we're that someone.

Whether you're being photographed by us or someone else, get your family in front of that camera!

Sam - Primary Photographer |  Brian - Assistant, 2nd Shooter, Keeper of all Equipment, Sanity

Special Assistants : Sometimes you'll be met with a silly little girl named Larkin.  She's hilarious and will likely be your best friend 10 minutes into our shoot.  I bring her occasionally because I'm away from her so much that I need her to see what Mommy's up to.  She's an expert at holding light standings, blowing glitter, and making you laugh!

Other times you'll meet Abby.  She's my 10 year old niece who has already expressed an interest in being a photographer.  I fully expect her to be my 2nd shooter when she's in high school.  When she's not busy with softball or cheerleading, she's holding reflectors and carrying stands.  She rocks!!

A special thanks to Teresa at Merriment Photography for several of the photos above!