2020 #TooleySenior Rep Search

Why should you be a #Tooleysenior?

Killer way to remember your senior year

Multiple sessions for your senior portraits

Multiple themed mini sessions throughout the year including paint wars, design your own theme, high school / college, best friends

Volunteer Opportunities

Coverage at your senior night / homecoming court / programs

We believe your senior year should be one to remember. Why should your senior pictures be put in a box and be the same as everyone elses?? You're unique. Your senior year should be too.

The Details

As a #TooleySenior rep, you are the face of our brand! You represent what we want our company to say. Therefore, our number one component is that you must sign an anti-bullying contract. You'll see more about it, but it basically means that you're not going to deliberately make someone's life misearable by being a bully. I'm not asking you to stand up and tell people to stop - that's 100% on you. But I am asking that YOU don't do it!!!

As a #TooleySenior, you'll have access to our best dates on our calendar (it's opened up to you first!) and multiple themed mini sessions. (Paint wars WILL make a comeback!!!!) You'll have the chance to earn Top rewards and 10% off your collection chose!! We are also going to be completing a senior service project that we'll talk more about later! There's SO much more but you have to apply to find out what else we offer!!!

Applying does not guarantee you'll be selected nor does it lock you in to participating!

Scroll down to fill out the form and get the rest of the info!!!!